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GOVT 2264:  Political Violence  (Fall 2019)

Syllabus: GOVT 2264- Contemporary Civil War (Fall 2017)

GOVT 1101:  Gender, Violence and the State (Fall 2018)

GOVT 6109:  Field Methods (Fall 2018)

GOVT 7274: Civil War (Fall 2017)

Syllabus: Civil War GOV 7274

Graduate Student Replications of:

    • Asal, Victor, Justin Conrad, and Nathan Toronto. “I want you! The determinants of military conscription.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 61.7 (2017): 1456-1481.
    • Christia, Fotini. Alliance Formation in Civil Wars. Cambridge University Press, (2012), Chapter:  The Bosnian Civil War, 1992-1995
    • Kauffman, Stuart. “Symbolic Politics or Rational Choice? Testing Theories of Extreme Ethnic Violence”  International Security 30.4 (2006): 45-86.
    • Mousseau, Michael. “Capitalist development and civil war.” International Studies Quarterly 56.3 (2012): 470-483.
    • Olsen, Tricia D., Leigh A. Payne, and Andrew G. Reiter. “The justice balance: When transitional justice improves human rights and democracy.” Human Rights Quarterly 32.4 (2010): 980-1007.
    • Snyder, Jack, From Voting to Violence Democratization and Nationalist Conflict, (2000) Norton, Chapter: Rwanda and Burundi: The Perils of Pluralism and Powersharing
    • Vadlamannati, Krishna Chaitanya. “Why Indian men rebel? Explaining armed rebellion in the northeastern states of India, 1970–2007.” Journal of Peace Research 48.5 (2011): 605-619.

POLS 347: War and Politics (Fall 2014; Co-instructor,  Dr. Dan Reiter)

POLS 110: Introduction to International Relations  (Fall 2013; Teaching Assistant, Dr. Eric Reinhardt

PHIL 157: Civic Engagement and Education (Fall 2006; Teaching Assistant, Dr. Heather Voke)

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